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Italian police arrest criminal in hospital

Posted in Misc Crime November 7th, 2008 @ 9:58 am

This is truly a bizarre way to catch a criminal, but it worked. Thanks to the efforts of Italian police, an alleged criminal mobster was arrested in a private Italian clinic following liposuction surgery.

Domenico Magnoli age 27 went to the hospital to have this procedure done so he could loose more weight. But when he awoke from the anesthesia, police disguised as doctors, nurses and visitors arrested him. He was arrested on a French warrant issued back in February 2007 for allegedly trafficking in cocaine.

Magnoli who was born in Cannes, France has links to the Piromalli crime clan in the ‘ndrangheta syndicate. This criminal organization based in Calabria operates in drug trafficking rings between South America and Western Europe. It is considered one of the more powerful mafia organizations – more powerful than the Sicilian Mafia.

What a bizarre way to make an arrest. At least there is one more drug trafficker off the streets.

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