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Cold Case playing cards used to help solve crimes

Posted in Solving Crime October 27th, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

When the U.S. invaded Iraq, soldiers were given playing cards with the most wanted terrorists photograph and description to help them identify terrorists. Recently local Minnesota’s prisons received decks of playing cards using the same type of methodology.

These cards distributed by Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections and law enforcement agencies statewide, are using the deck of playing cards to help solve cold cases. These cards highlight 52 violent unsolved homicide, missing person, and unidentified remains cases that have occurred throughout the state in the past 50 years. These cards have been distributed to 515 police departments and sheriff offices as well as 75 countywide jails and annex facilities.

Other states such as Florida, Indiana, Missouri, New York and Washington have used similar playing cards. In Florida, at least two cold case crimes were solved. Every cold case clue has the potential to bring law enforcement one-step closer to obtaining justice for cold case victims and a sense of closure for their surviving family members.

If you have information regarding any of the cold cases featured on the playing cards call the Minnesota BCA tip line at 877-996-6222 or you can see these cards on their web site .

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