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Copper theft still an ongoing problem in the area

Posted in Misc Crime October 22nd, 2008 @ 10:53 am

The Pioneer Press recently wrote an article about copper thieves in western Wisconsin targeting a new source for their criminal activity. Copper thieves are now targeting copper from recreational vehicles. These criminals have turned to stealing RVs’ electrical cords. The 25 to 30 foot wires cost as much as $45 to replace.

Back in July we reported that three people were caught on camera trying to sell up to $40,000 worth of copper wire that they stole from the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This isn’t a petty theft issue. Stolen copper has cost over a million dollars to utilities, distributors, contractors and various job sites throughout the Upper Midwest. Copper reached an all time high at $5 a pound two years ago. However, today copper prices have fallen to about $2.25 a pound.

This year the Minnesota Congress has passed legislation to help curb copper wire theft. Now it’s mandatory for every scrap-metal dealer buying more than $100 worth of scrap metal to obtain an ID from the seller along with their personal information. If the scrap metal that was sold to the dealer is found to be stolen the police now have a paper trail back to the thieves.

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