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21st Century Cyber Cops fight crime everyday

Posted in Crime Prevention October 16th, 2008 @ 10:54 am

In today’s world, many sex predators are using the Internet to find their next victim. With chat rooms such as MySpace and Face Book many of these predators surf the Internet preying on young victims.

Who can stop these criminals?

Cyber Cops to the rescue!

No these cops aren’t made of steel or have super-human powers, they are everyday human beings who dedicate their time in fighting crime. Many of them keep strange hours. Take for instance the Cyber Cops at the Jefferson/Gilpin Counties District Attorney’s Office Child Sex Offender Unit in Colorado. You will find these Cyber Cops at two in the morning texting and talking in the lingo children use online. Recently, this investigative unit made an historical 200th arrest in the four years of their existence.

However, Cyber Cops have a never-ending task in keeping up with fighting online predators. With so many online sexual predators, the investigation unit decided to develop an educational video that takes their message to hundreds of schools and community groups. The unit brings in their favorite crime fighter – Cheezo - a fuzzy yellow lion mascot to presentations at elementary schools. He helps teach younger kids Internet safety messages. The kids draw pictures of Cheezo with safety messages they learned from the presentation. The Unit also provides Internet safety tips, understanding Internet lingo, and an Internet Safety Video that educates parents and children.

As long as there are online predators, Cyber Cops are here to fight crime and to keep our kids safe.

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