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Another Stupid Criminal(s) Case

Posted in Illegal Drugs October 15th, 2008 @ 9:49 am

The Pioneer Press reported on an arrest made on three criminals who were dealing in drugs that ended up with aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges. Here’s how it went down.

Three West St. Paul men – Kenneth Charles Scott age 41, Sean Robert Norton age 28 and Jeffery Dwayne Williams age 48 paid $2,100 for three pounds of marijuana but instead got gerbil food. When they found out it wasn’t marijuana they assaulted one of the dealers by hitting him over the head with a baseball bat, hitting him with their fists, and threatening to kill him. Then these three guys got the bright idea to hold the dealer for ransom because the dealer’s friends took off with their money. These three guys wanted their money back. They told the dealer to call someone to get them their money and that’s when they held the man until the transaction was completed.

The dealer called his stepfather to wire him $3,000 and to make the check out the Sean Norton one of the stupid criminals. The stepfather called police and helped set up a sting. When Sean Norton showed up to collect the money, the police arrested him.

If convicted each man faces up to forty years in prison for their stupidity!

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