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Follow up on Buffalo killing in Park County, Colorado

Posted in Misc Crime October 8th, 2008 @ 10:45 am

Back in June 2008, this web blog wrote about the senseless killing of buffalo in Park County earlier this year. This week, Jeff Hawn, an Austin, Texas software CEO and property owner, allowed hunters to kill 32 of his neighbor’s buffaloes, was in court to consider a plea agreement to settle the case. A plea deal according to local news sources was offered and the judge agreed to give Hawn 30 days to consider the plea agreement.

The owner of the slain buffaloes, Monte Donware, didn’t know what the offer entails but hopes that Hawn will pay restitution to help replace the animals killed – an estimated amount worth at $77,000. He also would like to see Hawn spend some time in jail and be convicted of a felony because Donware believes that this type of crime is similar to robbing a bank. In addition, this would send a strong message about the importance of Colorado fence out law.

Colorado as most states in the West, requires property owners who want to keep livestock off their land are the ones responsible for building and maintaining fences in order to keep the animals out. Livestock owners, such as Donware, don’t have to keep their animals fenced in. However, many livestock owners do in order to protect their animals because of growth in the area.

We’ll keep you posted on the result of this plea deal agreement.

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