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Former NFL Running Back busted on cocaine dealing

Posted in Illegal Drugs October 2nd, 2008 @ 2:20 pm

According to sources at the DEA, Travis Henry, former Denver Broncos running back has been arrested on alleged cocaine dealing. He and an accomplice, James Mack, met with a drug informant who was cooperating with the authorities to buy cocaine. The arrest took place in Montana where authorities also found six pounds of marijuana and three kilograms of cocaine in their car.

The informant was being supplied with drugs by Mack and Henry and was suppose to deliver the drugs to customers in Billings, Montana. The informant was to be paid $5,000 for delivery and transportation of the drugs. However, there were some problems involving threats from Travis Henry because the informant owed Henry $40,000 in drug proceeds. The informant decided to cooperate with authorities in setting up a sting to arrest Henry.

Travis Henry played for the Broncos but was released in June 2008. During his time with the Broncos he was suspended for testing positive for drugs, had injuries, and was the center of attention in child support cases – he fathered nine children with nine different women. After he was released in June from the Broncos, reports came out that Henry had again tested positive for marijuana. This was his third offense that could have resulted in a one-year suspension from the NFL if he signed on with another team.

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