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A break through in cold cases comes to Hennepin County

Posted in Solving Crime September 30th, 2008 @ 10:07 am

Today the Star Tribune reported that Hennepin County has won a federal grant that will be used to help solve cold cases in the county. This is great news for family members and friends who have been waiting a long time to catch criminals that have caused so much grief in their lives.

A recent article in the Star Tribune also reported that after nineteen years the cold case of a Minneapolis woman who was viciously murdered has been solved by using DNA found under her fingernails. She was stabbed repeatedly while sitting beneath a footbridge across Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis. Back in 1989 DNA was in its infantcy but today with new methods and procedures DNA is capturing more criminals and solving more cases.

The criminal was already in custody for unrelated charges. When the DNA came back it was matched to his DNA and the police knew they got their man. Alfred L. Moen age 44 was charged with second degree murder. Moen claims he didn’t know the woman and of course that he didn’t do it. But DNA doesn’t lie. The motive is still unclear as to why Moen killed the woman. At least now the family of the victim will get closure to her death.

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