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Parents, are your college student safe on campus?

Posted in Crime Prevention September 18th, 2008 @ 10:07 am

Many parents worry about their son or daughter heading back to their college campus, especially if this is their first experience away from home. September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and a perfect opportunity for you to educate yourself and your student about some of the potential dangers that may exist on campuses.

A great program called “Raising awareness of the “Red Zone” on Campus” helps you and your student become aware of some of the dangers. The “Red Zone” is named for the high incidence area that occurs, for example, meeting new people, attending parties and events. This is the “zone” where sexual assaults and violent crimes may occur.

Today, many college campuses publish and make available to students and parents a report that contains three years worth of campus crime statistics, statements regarding campus security, sexual assault policies and information about where students should go to report crimes.

The key to not being victimized by a violent crime is awareness. Here are some tips to share with your son or daughter.
– Be aware of your surroundings and visualize your potential exit routes in case of an emergency.
– If you need to walk alone after dark stay in well lit and populated routes on campus.
– Always keep campus emergency numbers in your cell phone.
– Trust your instincts when something just doesn’t feel right.
– Finally, be careful with the type of information you post online on social networking sites. Predators are also surfing those sites.

College is a fantastic learning and living experience. Enjoy your college years but always remember to be safe.

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