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Interactive Crime Mapping Web Site

Posted in Crime Prevention September 17th, 2008 @ 10:34 am

Recently, the Denver, Colorado police have unveiled an interactive crime mapping web site as a new tool to fight crime. This online mapping system gives residents information about different crimes happening in their neighborhood.

Minneapolis, Minnesota also has a crime mapping web site but this site is not an interactive site. The Denver site updates daily and allows users to search a specific time-period and details crimes within 500 feet of a location such as your home, schools, library or park. However, information on crimes involving juveniles or victims of sex crimes is not shown on the maps.

One Denver homeowner who accessed the crime mapping web site felt that her neighborhood was rather safe. But once she looked at her neighborhood site she was shocked to learn that she wasn’t as safe as she thought.

A crime-mapping web site whether it is interactive as the one in Denver or not interactive as the one in Minneapolis is still a fantastic tool to help you stay safe and be aware of crime in your neighborhood.

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