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Thieves are advertising on Craigslist

Posted in Crime Prevention September 4th, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

You can find great deals on the very popular on-line Craigslist. But lately thieves have been robbing unsuspected buyers in the Golden Valley area.

Here’s how it works: The thieves advertise high-value merchandise on Craigslist and when unsuspecting buyers come to pick up the merchandise they are robbed. In a few instances people were injured. Most of the transactions according to an article in the Star Tribune took place in an enclosed area. The buyers came to pick up the merchandise and the thieves lured them into an area and pointed a gun at them and demanded valuables and money. This is the same type of “mo” used in other metro suburbs.

Once again, criminals are abusing a very good system that offers alternative buying during this hard economic times. But police warn that for a few dollars in savings it may not be worth the risk to your personal safety. The advise from the police is to make sure that when you pick up any merchandise from sellers off Craigslist to meet in a public place and never be lured into a private or enclosed area.

If this has happened to you, call your local police department and report this crime. Once again, we ask that you as a buyer to be aware.

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