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RNC and protestors in St. Paul, Minnesota

Posted in Misc Crime September 2nd, 2008 @ 10:27 am

On the first day of the RNC convention in St. Paul, Minnesota the police arrested over 300 demonstrators who were violently destroying property in St. Paul. Who are these people that the police arrested?

According to reports, they were “anarchists” who were wearing black bandanas covering their faces. They slashed tires, threw glass bottles, broke windows, overturned garbage containers and created chaos. St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington said the anarchists’ “mission by their own words” had been to block the delegates from getting to the convention, “storm the gates to the convention” and to keep the convention goers from being able to leave. However, those things didn’t happen because of law enforcement intervention.

Now Americans have the right to peacefully protest. But when it turns to violence, it becomes a criminal act. Who are these anarchists and what do they believe in?

According to Wikipedia anarchists or anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all compulsory government. This means that they want a society with no rules. Anarchists refuse to obey laws; want to abolish religious practices; and eliminate private property and turn everything into a collective state whereby everyone shares the wealth.

Anarchists’ idealogy is considered as radical left wing and many support the use of violence to get their message across. However, peaceful protesting is one thing but combining that what vandalism and outright impudence to civil laws makes these people criminals who should be jailed and punished.

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