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Security and the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota

Posted in Crime Prevention August 27th, 2008 @ 10:57 am

Next week on September 1st St. Paul Minnesota will be hosting the Republican National Convention. FBI, Secret Service, local law enforcement will be out in numbers and security will be heightened.

This type of crime prevention is necessary especially after 9/11. In Denver, security sweeps began a week before the convention and is still ongoing. Recently, a man with rifles and guns was arrested as he walked through a hotel in downtown Denver near the convention. What was he thinking? He claimed that the weapons were part of a safari he was planning and he was just walking through the hotel. Not too bright is he?

Recently, the Pioneer Press reported that three New York videographers were in town to document police conduct during the Republican National Convention were stopped and questioned by Minneapolis police on their way home from a bus stop. They had their equipment confiscated and were then released without so much as a ticket. The police said that these videographers were seen trespassing on a Northeast Minneapolis rail yard taking pictures. This of course triggered homeland security concerns.

In order to prevent crime or terrorist actions during the RNC, law enforcement needs to ensure security in and around the convention center. This means that you may be stopped, searched and questioned if you are in the area without proper papers. If you are an honest citizen, you should not worry about this, but if you have criminal intentions stay away from the RNC convention because you will be arrested.

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