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Crime Alert in Minnetonka

Posted in Crime Prevention July 21st, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

It’s just like taking candy from a baby. That’s what burglars are laughing about in Minnetonka these days. As a result, this string of burglaries in Minnetonka has prompted a crime alert.

The burglars are gaining access to homes by using the homeowner’s own garage door openers. At least fourteen residential burglaries have been reported. If you leave your unlocked car outside with your garage door opener in the car, guess what, all these criminals have to do is push the button and get into your home.

The police also said that they are gaining access through open garage doors as well as unlocked doors. Many valuables have been stolen such as purses, wallets, checkbooks, laptop computers, cell phones, cameras, bicycles and other items.

What can you do to prevent or stop this crime? It’s as simple as locking your doors, closing the garage door and even parking your car in the garage. If you want to leave your car outside, please remove your garage door opener from your car and take it inside with you.

The police are encouraging you to join neighborhood watch groups. Report any suspicious activity or if you see someone not from your neighborhood call the Minnetonka police at 952-939-8554.

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