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Scam lottery letters and emails

Posted in Crime Prevention June 18th, 2008 @ 11:04 am

Scam lottery letters and emails are floating around again. When will these low-life people learn that we are much smarter than they are?

Here’s what the newest version is all about.

You receive a letter via USPS with a check/money order in a very large amount. They ask you to cash the check/money order and send back to them a portion as a “finders” fee for them. Of course, the check/money order is fake and not worth the paper it’s printed on. Whatever you do, DO NOT CASH IT!

These checks/money orders are counterfeit. You will owe the bank the amount you cashed. You can be arrested and even owe taxes on the amount of money you cashed even though it is fraudulent!

Here is a good site with loads of information about “How to tell if you have received a lottery scam letter.”

These low-life scammers even go as far as threatening your family and friends if you don’t comply with the letter. These are very dangerous people and it has been known that some people actually travel to West Africa or South Africa to “claim” their money. When they get there, the scammers steal your identity and your money.

Be aware folks, if you receive anything in the mail or even through an email that you didn’t ask for throw it out or delete it immediately.


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