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Another Scott Peterson Crime Pattern?

Posted in Solving Crime June 3rd, 2008 @ 2:20 pm

On June 2, 2008, Matthew Gretz admitted to a judge that he killed his artist wife, Kira Simonian, last June 29, 2007. This highly publicized murder in Hennepin County, Minnesota is now finally closed.

But what makes this crime so bizarre is the way Matthew Gretz committed the crime. On the morning of the murder, neighbors heard violent arguing in the couple’s apartment. Then they heard a man yell, “Do you love me?” and moments later, a woman screamed, twice, and then silence. Moments later Gretz was seen leaving the apartment and getting into a cab heading to the airport. Gretz who worked for Target claimed that he was on a business trip and knew nothing about the murder until he returned.

Here is where this murder has a similar pattern to Scott Peterson’s bizarre murder of his wife Laci. When Gretz returned, he had the audacity to play the role of grieving husband just as Scott Peterson pretended to be. Gretz even spoke at a public vigil three weeks after his wife’s death. He was crying and talking about how hard it was to cope everyday with the loss of his wife. When in reality, he was the one who stabbed her in the neck and chest 15 times and bludgeoned her head with a claw hammer.

Actually, police suspected Gretz from the start. Police thought it was unusual for Gretz to fly home from New York while he shipped his suitcase via Federal Express to relatives in Chicago. When the police seized and searched the suitcase, they found blood on the suitcase and other items in the suitcase. A DNA test matched Gretz and his wife’s blood. Gretz also had scratches and bruises consistent with a fight.

On the morning of the jury selection Gretz changed his mind and plead guilty to second-degree murder. What is still a mystery is “why” he killed his wife. Just like in the Scott Peterson’s case, we will probably never know why he killed his wife.

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