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Money-Laundering – Cyber Crime – Email Alert

Posted in Crime Prevention May 29th, 2008 @ 10:15 am

The other day I received an email from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Unit. It said that there are unsolicited emails circulating through the Internet informing you to help claim some huge amount of money or telling you that you have Won Lotteries. It goes on to say that, these letters are fake letters.

No kidding!

Now if you were someone who agreed to help because the percentage agreed to be given to you, guess what – you’re a Victim. As I mentioned in a previous web blog in early May of this year, this email “money” scam is coming from Africa and some from Europe. That was the first clue that it was a scam.

So the email goes on to say that the “Anti-Money-Laundering and Cyber Crime Unit of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has ordered the Nigeria Government and Economic and Financial Crime Commission to compensate anybody that their emails address has been found with any of the Fraud Stars, with $1 Million Dollars only.” (Note: This is how the email was written.)

Was this email another scam? Yes it was. The email once again asked for your name, age, contact number, date of birth, country/state and sex.

Another clue that this “official” email I received was bogus was the wording in the body of the email – it was not written very well. So I checked it out at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Unit web site. Sure enough, the email I received was also a SCAM. The email looked official to me, but it wasn’t.

If you receive this type of email, delete and block sender. DO NOT RESPOND to it at all. Just another way scammers are trying to get your money.

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