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Auto Theft crime can be prevented.

Posted in Crime Prevention April 29th, 2008 @ 1:18 pm

Auto Theft crime can be prevented. Yes, that statement may be hard to believe, but it is true. It takes just a few minutes of your time to make sure that your car is safe and theft proof. With summer just around the corner, the Anoka County Sheriff’s department has great tips on preventing auto theft and theft from your autos.

1. Lock your car doors and close your windows. Now that should be a no brainer! But how many of us don’t lock our car doors because we are only going to be a minute at the store. Or leave the windows cracked open because it’s hot. Lock it or loose it folks!

2. Don’t leave valuables in your car or when transporting valuables, place them in the trunk of your car. Just make sure to keep all valuables out of plain sight. This reminds me of the day my mother’s car was broken into. She had a bag in the back seat of her car and thieves broke in and stole the bag. The joke was on them it was just a pair of old shoes. But, the damage that was done to the broken window cost her money and she never felt safe again when leaving her car unattended in a lot.

3 When driving your car, keep your doors locked and the windows rolled up. If you stop in traffic or at a light, keep your car in drive and stay alert. And never pick up hitchhikers!

Finally, if you think you are being followed, go to a public place that is safe and call 911. Do not drive home.

The Minnesota State Patrol has resources to help prevent auto theft. Their Theft Prevention Board is made up of one full time investigator and 30 State Troopers specially trained in the area of motor vehicle theft investigations. We can help them out by making sure that we know how to prevent auto theft.

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