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The new “KHAT” illegal drug on the block

Posted in Crime Prevention April 23rd, 2008 @ 10:05 am

What’s the name of an illegal drug that you don’t smoke, you don’t inhale, you don’t inject – but you chew? Give up?

The new drug that law enforcement is fighting these days is known as “KHAT.”

Originally grown in Somalia, Africa this drug looks more like a plant and is chewed, similar to chewing tobacco. The effects of this drug are similar to an amphetamine, which means it’s an upper. A KHAT user chews on the plant to extract the drug from the plant. The user will either spit the left over plant material into a cup or on the floor or out the window. The chewed up material looks very pasty and similar to green chewing tobacco. The best effect for this chewable high is fresh harvested plant. The plant needs to be kept cool or frozen right after harvesting. Many users conceal the plant in bundles, wrapped with twine-like material or wrapped in banana leaves.

There’s no strong order associated with the plant except it may smell like rotting vegetables. Effects of the drug are signs of being “up,” being very talkative and seemingly wide-awake.

Possession of KHAT is a Federal Crime and depending on the outcome of the tests on the drug, penalties for abuse may include up to three years imprisonment and/or a $250,000.00 fine.

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