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Criminal gang members still roam the streets of Minnesota

Posted in Solving Crime April 22nd, 2008 @ 10:06 am

Back in January of this year, a violent home invasion happened at a Robbinsdale, Minnesota home. The police are focusing on two Minneapolis residents who have ties to the Emerson Murder Boys Gang.

The owner of the home, Jamis Marks 28, was killed by two armed men with rifles during the robbery. These criminals also stole watches, jewelry, credit cards, cell phones and intimidated the surviving household members. Police were in shock at the brutality of this home invasion. However, they did receive good tips linking two 22 year old men bragging about robbing houses. These criminals also bragged about committing physical violence towards their victims. No arrest have been made yet.

On the north side of Minneapolis, gangs roam the streets and commit crimes. Police have said that gangs in Minneapolis tend to be affiliated with large national collectives such as the Bloods, Crips and Vice Lords, but only loosely. Local “sets”, such as the Emerson Murder Boys, often have nothing to do with other sets that claim allegiance to the same gang. They may be rivals, killing one another over drugs and women. These local sets of gangs also change names and affiliations and when they do commit crimes, such as a home invasion, tend to be more violent.

If you have any tips about this home invasion in Robbinsdale, please contat your local police department. Minnesotans should not have to put up with violent gang members roaming the streets and killing its innocent citizens.

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