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Criminal gang activities in Minnesota (0)

Posted in Crime Prevention, Uncategorized March 17th, 2008 @ 3:31 pm by Linda 

The DEA cites that street gang activity in Minnesota has increased dramatically over the past few years. Currently, the Minnesota Gang Strike Force Intelligence System confirms that there are over 5,000 confirmed gang members and 160 organized gangs.

In October 2007, gang activity was spotted at Longfellow Park. The Sureneo 13 gang members were meeting at the park after closing. Officers noted that the garbage can nearby appeared to have been moved. When the garbage can was a loaded revolver was found.

According to a report in the Duluth News Tribune a 17-year-old from the Twin Cities area was charged with aiding and abetting a drive-by shooting on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Police spokesperson said that this could be gang-related.

Back in September 2007 a Star Tribune article reported that immigration officials rounded up 34 gang members in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and three rural communities that weekend.

The Minnesota legislator is working on controlling gang activity. In May 2007, a bill sponsored by Rep. Joh Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) and Senator Mee Moua (DFL-Minneapolis) proposed that certain gang activity and habitual use of particular places used for gang activities should include fines and jail time. This bill is waiting approval from the governor.

Child abuse and neglect in Minnesota a public health priority (0)

Posted in Misc Crime March 17th, 2008 @ 3:29 pm by Linda 

The federal government in 2008 is planning to spend $1.2 million to help Minnesota based projects and agencies in educating and working at wiping out child abuse and neglect. With this money, the National Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University hopes to wipe out child sex abuse in three generations.

Victor Vieth, director of National Child Protection Training Center, calls child abuse an epidemic. Statistics show that one in 10 girls and one in 20 boys report abuse before they enter the 9th grade. With about one million new child abuse cases reported each year, this relates to about 20% of the population suffering from child abuse in Minnesota.

Some of the monies from the federal funds are targeted on training and education for first responders such as teachers and health care providers. In addition, the Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America is planning to hold a conference on April 23 and 24th 2008. The conference includes a wide variety of topics, research, innovation and skills building on effective prevention strategies and programs.

Our children are our future. Through education, intervention and support many local Minnesota agencies are here to help parents to prevent child abuse and neglect, support healthy childhood development and strengthen families.

CriMNet tracks Minnesota criminals statewide (0)

Posted in Solving Crime March 14th, 2008 @ 4:50 am by Linda 

They can run but they can’t hide from CriMNet!

Back in 2000, the Target Corporation committed $260,000 to help purchase four pieces of forensic equipment for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s (BCA) crime lab in Bemidji.

CriMNet is a state-level program that now works with Minnesota State and local agencies to provide accurate and comprehensive criminal justice information. This information is available to criminal justice professionals in law enforcement, the courts and corrections. It also works with agencies on the federal level to track information sharing activities in other states.

CriMNet is not a single database or technology solution. It coordinates information sharing from a statewide and potentially nationwide viewpoint so that systems can work together. The more agencies that work together and in a similar manner, the easier it is to share criminal justice information.

For example in the small town of Chaska located west of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, CriMNet found and arrested a career criminal who burglarized local businesses and surrounding communities. The suspect initially eluded capture but police used CriMNet to identify and contact his probation officer. While the suspect was in custody for the Chaska crimes, police officers found evidence in his home to connect him to about 50 other burglaries. He had a criminal history record of burglary convictions dating back to 1982. As a result, the suspect has been charged with the crimes in district court.

Is Minnesota Law protecting our kids? (0)

Posted in Sex Offenders March 14th, 2008 @ 4:48 am by Linda 

Sexual predators are out hunting for our kids. Are the current laws of Minnesota enough to protect them?

Recently, Ramsey County prosecutors are seeking a life sentence with no chance of parole for a St. Paul man indicted on charges that he had sex with two children and recorded it with images and video. Dan Patrick Manley, 44, was indicted on six counts involving sex with a then-14-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl. The repeated incidents allegedly occurred about three years ago. When police searched Manley’s home, they found a disk drive containing child pornography and photos of him having sex with children. Manley has had two previous convictions for criminal sexual conduct with children dating back to 1984 and 1987.

In 2005, Jessica’s Law passed in several states, but not in Minnesota. This law designates sexual predators and others who have committed specific sex crimes to constant monitoring via a global positioning system. It also imposes a mandatory 25-year prison sentence.

In 2005, Minnesota passed a law requiring monitoring of sexual predators for life including GPS monitoring, but falls short of imprisoning first time offenders for 25 years. However, the law does mandate a life sentence for certain crimes.

Did this law finally catch up with a repeat offender like Dan Manley? If so, how many other children did he abuse? How many more children have to wait until “certain crimes” from a predator is considered a life-sentence? Minnesota needs stricter laws and mandated sentences to help protect our kids.

Minnesota’s Safe Routes to School project funded (0)

Posted in Uncategorized March 14th, 2008 @ 4:46 am by Linda 

On March 13, 2008, the Minnesota Department of Transportation received more than $2 million in grants to improve safety conditions and the quality of bicycling and walking to school for Minnesota’s communities statewide. The “Safe Routes to School” is a federal program created in 2005 by a federal transportation-funding bill.

This means that school districts and local communities can build both infrastructures and non-infrastructures to help students safely walking or biking to school. Robert J. McFarlin, acting transportation commissioner, said, “The benefits of the Safe Routes to School program are potentially far-reaching, not only by reducing traffic and improving safety near schools, but by encouraging an active lifestyle for kids.”

There are twenty-seven projects with nine projects to provide crosswalk improvements and trail or sidewalk connections. Eleven projects focus on promoting walking and biking to school through community planning, walk-to-school days, bike rodeos and educational materials. Nineteen of the grant recipients are in greater Minnesota and eight are in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Statistics show that fewer than 15 percent of kids in kindergarten through eighth grade walk or bike to school. Nearly half of school-aged children are regularly driven to school by their parents. This project helps the kids of our communities to enjoy the benefits of exercise before and after school as well as feeling safe during their commutes.

Help Crime Stoppers of Minnesota solve a crime (0)

Posted in Solving Crime March 14th, 2008 @ 4:45 am by Linda 

The Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is looking for help in solving crimes. Your anonymous tips on recent and unsolved crimes help the families and the community of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area to gain closure.

Some of the unsolved crimes include information on the American Legion Armed Robbery suspects, a tragic car accident, a gas station robbery and a letter campaign that included the unauthorized use of client data.

Crime is more than just a personal one on one act of violence. Crime also includes credit card fraud, white-collar crimes and global war against crime and terrorism. Crime Stoppers of Minnesota knows that the citizens of Minnesota are their first line of defense against crimes and terrorism.

This nonprofit community-based organization brings together the community, media and police in a cooperative effort to help solve and prevent crime and fight potential terrorism. They establish the media links, raise funds for rewards and bring the community together in partnerships to take charge of their own neighborhoods.

Your tips are always anonymous but so very important in solving crimes. So take charge Minnesotans! Check out the Crime Stoppers of Minnesota’s 10 most wanted and a link to America’s Most Wanted.

Crime Prevention Cards hit the streets of Minnesota (0)

Posted in Solving Crime March 14th, 2008 @ 4:39 am by Linda 

Do you have your 2007-2008 Crime Prevention Cards?

Recently, the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association issued their latest Crime Prevention Cards. What a great way to help prevent crime, promote safety and endorse a crime-free environment in Minnesota!

These cards include pictures of the Minnesota Wild Hockey Team and the crime dog, “McGruff”. The McGruff card promotes prevention of theft at school. Picture cards of the Wild hockey players promote pedestrian safety, stolen property information, winter sports safety, sportsmanship, prevention of cyber bullying , kindness and respect, bus safety and prescription drug awareness. You can see the card lineup on the MCPA site.

The Crime Prevention Cards are available from all law enforcement agencies. These agencies are looking to build positive relationships with the young people in their communities and provide them with important crime prevention and safety information. Parents are encouraged to review these cards with their children so they can reinforce safety and prevention.

For a small yearly fee, anyone in the business community is encouraged to join in the effort. The Minnesota Crime Prevention web site has developed many opportunities for communities throughout Minnesota to encourage a crime-free environment. Check out their Community Resource section. This section promotes the trading cards, crime free multi-housing, and national night out.

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