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DWI arrests in Minnesota toughest in the country

Posted in Crime Prevention March 18th, 2008 @ 11:38 am

Over 37,000 people in 2007 were arrested for DWI in Minnesota. In the month of December 2007 more than 3,300 drivers were arrested. These drivers had an average alcohol concentration of .17 – more than twice the legal limit of .08. Most of the arrests were in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis with 110 and St. Paul with 78 DWIs.

Statistics show that more than 470,000 Minnesotans have a DUI on their driving record and more than 200,000 have multiple DUIs. This amounts to about one in eight current or formally licensed drivers have at least one DUI on their record.

Minnesotans are still not getting the message about the dangers of drinking and driving. When you are arrested for DWI or DUI the Minnesota DWI/DUI law triggers two separate cases: a criminal court case where the driver receives a variety of drunk driving punishment and a Minnesota Department of Public Safety case where driving privileges are affected.

One difference to Minnesota law is that when you are arrested for violating Minnesota DWI law you have the right to speak to a DWI/DUI defense attorney before taking a chemical test – breath test or blood test – to determine alcohol content. However if you refuse to take a chemical test following an arrest for drunk driving you may be charged with a separate criminal offense.

So wise up Minnesotans, don’t drink and drive!

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