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Criminal drug use in Minnesota

Posted in Illegal Drugs March 18th, 2008 @ 11:45 am

According to the DEA drug violation arrests are slightly down from previous years. In 2005 there were 292 arrests, 2006 had 272 arrests and 2007 there were 258 drug arrests throughout Minnesota. Cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and small amounts of black-tar heroin are some of the drugs being sold and bought by Minnesotans.

The use of diverted controlled substances in Minnesota also continues to be a problem. The most commonly diverted controlled substances from the licit market are Nubain®, Dilaudid®, Ritalin®, Vicodin® (hydrocodone), OxyContin®, codeine combination products, the benzodiazepines, and the anorectic drugs phentermine and phendimetrazie.

Nubain is a prescription narcotic that has recently emerged in the Minneapolis area. Body builders are using this narcotic because they mistakenly believe it acts as a steroid. However, four deaths have occurred in the Minneapolis area because of Nubain® being taken with MDMA and OxyContin® being mixed with cocaine. According to local addicts, Klonopin® is more readily available than in the past from illegal sources and prescriptions are easily obtained from some doctors.

In rural Minnesota, Klonopin® has also appeared under its international, non-United States trade name, “Rivotril®,” which suggests its importation from foreign sources. Flunitrazepam, trade name “Rohypnol®,” is a long-acting benzodiapine that is typically combined with alcohol or other drugs to produce incapacitation and memory loss similar to an alcohol-induced blackout. Its use as a “date rape” drug is not widespread in Minnesota and law enforcement agencies encountered only small amounts of the drug.

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