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Police impersonators, what are their motives?

Posted in Solving Crime March 17th, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

At some time in our life, a police officer has stopped us for some type of driving infraction. Or you may have encountered a police officer investigating a crime near your place of business or home. However, lately, criminals are getting their jollies impersonating a police officer.

What motivates them to do this? According to Dr. William Fisher, professor of clinical psychology at Duquesne University, impersonating a police officer gives a criminal a feeling of status. It may be temporary but the feeling of power and authority gives a criminal that rush. However, there are many instances of underlining ulterior motives. It may provide the opportunity to rob, rape, beat, or steal.

Police impersonators are more common than most people think. These incidents are not reported unless some type of crime occurs. For example, there have been several incidents throughout Minnesota of police impersonators committing crimes.

In a Como neighborhood, two people impersonating police officers entered a home and stole a bicycle, clothing, cassette tapes and cash. In southern Minnesota, police are looking for an impersonator pulling over cars in Fillmore and Dodge counties. This may be the same person seen in Lake City where he tried to lure a 15-year-old girl into his car.

What can you do if you encounter a police impersonator? If you are in your car, slow down and activate your hazard lights. Call 911 immediately to verify the vehicle stopping you is a police car and driven by a police officer. Go to a well-lit area before stopping. Always ask for the officer’s badge and identification if you are not sure. The point is always to be cautious and aware.

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