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Criminal gang activities in Minnesota

Posted in Crime Prevention, Uncategorized March 17th, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

The DEA cites that street gang activity in Minnesota has increased dramatically over the past few years. Currently, the Minnesota Gang Strike Force Intelligence System confirms that there are over 5,000 confirmed gang members and 160 organized gangs.

In October 2007, gang activity was spotted at Longfellow Park. The Sureneo 13 gang members were meeting at the park after closing. Officers noted that the garbage can nearby appeared to have been moved. When the garbage can was a loaded revolver was found.

According to a report in the Duluth News Tribune a 17-year-old from the Twin Cities area was charged with aiding and abetting a drive-by shooting on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Police spokesperson said that this could be gang-related.

Back in September 2007 a Star Tribune article reported that immigration officials rounded up 34 gang members in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and three rural communities that weekend.

The Minnesota legislator is working on controlling gang activity. In May 2007, a bill sponsored by Rep. Joh Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) and Senator Mee Moua (DFL-Minneapolis) proposed that certain gang activity and habitual use of particular places used for gang activities should include fines and jail time. This bill is waiting approval from the governor.

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