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Crime and illegal immigrants in Minnesota

Posted in Misc Crime May 31st, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

Criminal activities from illegal immigrants have found its way to the state of Minnesota. Several examples representing such criminal activity was recently detailed in a Minnesota North Star article.

Some of the crimes involving illegal immigrants include 14 individuals, most of whom were illegal immigrants, were arrested in October 2005, with more than $700,000 in methamphetamine in the city of Melrose. In a Minnesota city an illegal immigrant was arrested for a sex crime, arraigned, deported but then returned within 48 hours to the same city. Police have arrested individuals with fake drivers’ licenses with the same name but different photographs as well as stopped numerous individuals using one Social Security number and Medicaid name rather than their employment name to secure better benefits. The Minnesota State Patrol conducted a one day saturation patrol along 1-35 in Rice and Steele counties back in September 2004 and 2005 and stopped 44 illegal immigrants.

In order to curb criminal activity that may result from illegal immigration, Governor Pawlenty has proposed programs to deal with these and other issues. He is recommending creating a Minnesota Illegal Immigration Enforcement Team (MIIET); new and increase criminal penalties for creation, possession or sale of false identification documents; increase criminal penalties for human trafficking involving minors; prohibiting cities from having “sanctuary laws” which prevent local law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status or enforcing immigration laws; better tracking of illegal immigrants who commit crimes; stricter penalties for employers who improperly hire or employ illegal immigrants; and making the existing status check on temporary visitors’ drivers’ licenses part of the state statute.

Criminal activities from illegal immigrants is a hot topic not only in Minnesota but also nationwide. Resolving or even coming up with a good plan will be debated for months to come.

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